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Sokkia SET3100 Total Station 2 NEW Batteries SDR33 Data Collector & Case

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Product Description

Description :


Sokkia SDR33 with New Lithium Batteries, and Cordura soft case

Monochrome Display

80c88 type (8 MHz) Processor

DR-DOS Operating System


Sokkia SDR33 Expert Software: Ver. 04-04.27

56-Key Keypad

Instrument Cable for Sokkia & Topcon Total Stations 
780mAh NiCd Battery


Accurate, Reliable and Sophisticated Technology in an Ultra-Light Body SIGHTING PERFORMANCE Sokkia's proven mechanical, optical and electronic technologies are embodied in the POWERSET Series within the ultra-light body weighing only 5.4 kg/11.9 lb. The award-winning POWERSET series is one of the most sophisticated total stations ever developed.s Ultra-light Total Station The POWERSET Series total stations are extremely light, weighing a mere 5.4 kg/11.9 lb. - including tribrach, handle and battery. Carrying the instrument is no longer an arduous task.s Miniaturized Telescope The compact telescope considerably eases the sighting of targets compared with the bulky telescope usually encountered in conventional total stations. This benefit is especially appreciated by the surveyor wearing a hardhat. The offset between the peep sight and telescope is minimized, so the short-range sighting is easier and faster.s Two-Speed Controls All rotating knobs, such as the telescope focusing ring and the vertical and horizontal fine motion screws, rotate at two speeds for fine and coarse control. These knobs are coated with durable non-slip rubber to give a comfortable and sure grip.s Simultaneous Automatic Compensation for the Vertical, Horizontal and Sighting Axes Since it was first introduced with the Series C total stations in 1989, Sokkia's dual-axis compensator has proven its reliability and accuracy at survey sites all over the world. Deviations of both the X and Y axes 60\" are monitored by the dual-axis tilt sensor, and 50\" corrections for horizontal and vertical angle Horizontal angle error EH 40\" readings are automatically computed and applied. 30\" This makes levelling of the instrument easier and 20\" less time-consuming. 10\" The collimation function automatically corrects the deviations of the horizontal, vertical and sighting 0\" 90˚ 80˚ 70˚ 60˚ 50˚ 40˚ 30˚ 20˚ 10˚ 0˚ Horizontal Zenith angle Z Zenith axes. y (inclination to the right or left) The magnitude of inclination is 5\", 10\", 30\" as indicated above. Inclined Instrument y Inclined Instrument x Axis True Perpendicular Axis True Perpendicular Axis Axis True True Horizontal Plane y Horizontal Plane x Inclined Inclined Horizontal Plane Horizontal Plane Front View Measuring Point Side View Measuring Point 2


Micro-Prism Reflective Sheet Targets Provide Simple Solutions in Demanding REFLECTIVE SHEET TARGETS With the POWERSET Series total stations you have the option of measuring distances with Sokkia's innovative reflective sheet targets as well as with conventional glass prisms. Reflective sheet targets are far less expensive than glass prisms and can be quickly and easily set up in locations where glass prisms cannot. s Unique EDM designed for use with both reflective sheet targets and glass prisms. Conventional EDM's rely on vertical or horizontal partitioning of the lens, of which one half is used as the light emitter and the other half as the light receiver. This design works well with glass prisms, but it does not accommodate reflective sheet targets. When measuring the sheet targets, inclination of the sheet (setup angle) causes variations in the returned light that render measurement either impossible or erroneous. The POWERSET Series incorporates an innovative optical system in which the central portion of the objective lens acts as the light emitter and the surrounding portion acts as the receiver. With this system, errors introduced by inclination of the target are obviated (providing it is set within ±30˚) resulting in measurements accurate to ±(4+3ppm x D)mm*. With glass prisms, the POWERSET can measure the distance with an accuracy of ±(2+2ppm x D)mm*. *D:measuring distance, unit:mm Reflective Objective Target Lens Light Emitting Receiving Light from this half is more strongly sensed. (The distance tends to be overestimated.) [Conventional EDM] Reflective Objective Target Lens Receiving Emitting Receiving The EDM senses light from the entire surface of the target at the same level. [EDM of Series100 & POWERSET] q Measuring Ranges Size Measuring distance (when targets face in right angle) (mm) Model SET1010/SET2010 SET3010 SET4010 10x10 RS10N 50x50 1m~40m 1m~30m 1m~25m RS50N 90x90 RS90N 1m~90m 1m~80m 1m~60m 1m~120m 1m~100m 1m~80m3


Full Alphanumeric Keyboards and Easy Displays are Provided on Both Faces OPERABILITY Only alphanumeric keyboards can offer such ease of data input, and the large displays provide certain confirmation at a glance. Rechargeable batteries (two supplied) provide enough power for a full day's work and can be charged in just over an hour. s Two Displays and Full Alphanumeric s Large, Easy-to-Read LCD Keyboards for Easy and Sure Operation Displays(20 characters, 8 lines) Even with a wide variety of functions, operation is Non-glare glass and backlighting ensure comfortable remarkably easy thanks to the POWERSET's large reading. Plus, displays operate in a wide range of displays and alphanumeric keyboards. The 8-line, 20- temperatures without power- consuming display heaters. character screens display alphanumeric data. They allow at-a-glance confirmation of a large volume of data, such as point number, point name, 3-D coordinate values, mode set, and much more. A graphic \"bull's-eye\"level is also provided for optimum set-up efficiency. s Ergonomically Designed keyboards for Fast and Efficient Data Input. The keys are laid out for the fastest possible operation from either side of the instrument. Entering job names, point numbers, point names, coordinate values, and processing survey data are as fast and efficient as when using Sokkia's SDR Electronic Field Book. View: Confirm or search for the Note: Input notes at any time. recorded data at any time.5


SPECIFICATIONS SET1010 / 2010 SET3010 SET4010 Telescope Fully transiting. Coaxial sighting and distance measuring optics. Size (without peep sights) Objective aperture L165 x W62 x H80 mm (6.5 x 2.5 x 3.2 in.) Magnification Image 45 mm (1.8 in.) (EDM: 50 mm (2.0 in.)) Resolving power Field of view 30 x Minimum focus Reticle illumination Erect Focusing ring Angle measurement 3\" 1° 30' (26 m/1,000 m) 1.0m (3.3 ft.) Built-in. Bright / Dim, selectable Fine / Coarse two speeds Photoelectric incremental rotary encoder scanning. Both circles adopt diametrical detection and are provided with absolute 0 index points. Unit H&V 360° / 400gon / Quad brng / mil, selectable Display resolution ( selectable ) H&V 0.5\" / 0.1 mgon / 0.002 mil 1\" / 0.2 mgon / 0.005 mil 5\" / 1mgon / 0.02mil 1\" / 0.2 mgon / 0.005 mil 5\" / 1 mgon / 0.02 mil 10\" / 2mgon / 0.05mil Accuracy ( Standard deviation of mean of a measurement H&V SET1010 : 1\" ( 0.3mgon ) 3\" (1 mgon) 5\"(1.5 mgon) taken in position I and II, according to DIN18723 ) H&V SET2010 : 2\" ( 0.6mgon ) Measuring time H Automatic dual-axis level compensator V Less than 0.5 seconds, continuous Type ON (V&H, only V ) / OFF selectable Display : Digital / Graphic, selectable Range Display resolution Dual-axis liquid tilt sensor Collimation program Display mode ±3' (±55 mgon,) out-of-range warning displayed. Distance measurement According to selection of display resolution ON / OFF selectable Clockwise / Counterclockwise, selectable ; 0 set, angle setting, available Zenith angle ( Zenith 0° ) Vertical angle ( Horizontal 0° ) selectable Modulated near infrared light, 3 frequencies, Near infrared LED, Coaxial EDM transmitting and receiving optics Measuring range (slope distance) Atmospheric conditions A: Average conditions: slight haze, visibility about 20 km (12 miles), sunny periods, weak scintillation. G: Good conditions: no haze, visibility about 40 km (25 miles), overcast, no scintillation. The range is achieved by using Sokkia's AP prism system, CP01 Compact prism and Reflective sheet target RS90N ( 90 x 90mm ). Reflective sheet target RS90N A 1 m to 120 m (390 ft.) 1 m to 100 m (320 ft.) 1 m to 80 m (260 ft.) With CP01 compact prism A 1 m to 800 m (2,600 ft.) 1 m to 700 m (2,200 ft.) 1 m to 600 m (1,900 ft.) With one AP01 prism A 1 m to 2,400 m (7,800 ft.) 1 m to 2,200 m (7,200 ft.) 1 m to 1,600 m (5,200 ft.) G 1 m to 2,700 m (8,800 ft.) 1 m to 2,500 m (8,200 ft.) 1 m to 1,800 m (5,900 ft.) With three AP01 prisms A 1 m to 3,100 m (10,100 ft.) 1 m to 2,900 m (9,500 ft.) 1 m to 2,100 m (6,800 ft.) G 1 m to 3,500 m (11,400 ft.) 1 m to 3,300 m (10,800 ft.) 1 m to 2,400 m (7,800 ft.) With nine AP01 prisms A 1 m to 3,700 m (12,100 ft.) 1 m to 3,500 m ( 11,400 ft.) 1 m to 2,500 m (8,200 ft.) G 1 m to 4,200 m (13,700 ft.) 1 m to 4,000 m (13,000 ft.) 1 m to 2,900 m (9,500 ft.) Unit Meters / Feet, selectable Display resolution Fine measurement 0.0001 m / 0.001 m. (0.001 ft / 0.01 ft.) 0.001 m (0.01 ft.) Rapid measurement 0.001 m ( 0.01 ft.) 0.01 m ( 0.1 ft.) Tracking measurement 9,999.9999 m ( 32808.333 ft.) 9,999.999 m ( 32808.33 ft.) ±(2 + 2ppm x D) mm Unambiguous measuring range ( Slope distance ) ±(5 + 5ppm x D) mm ±(4 + 3ppm x D) mm Accuracy With glass prism Fine meas. ±(5 + 5ppm x D) mm Rapid meas. Every 2.0 s (initial meas. 4.1 s) ( D=measuring distance, unit : mm ) Fine meas. Every 0.9 s (initial meas. 2.7 s) Rapid meas. Every 0.4 s (initial meas. 2.5 s) With reflective sheet target* Measuring time Fine meas. Single/repeat Atmospheric correction Rapid meas. Single/repeat Tracking meas. (1) Temperature / pressure input, (2) Temperature / pressure / humidity input, (3) ppm input, (4) w/o compensation, selectable Temperature input range -30°C to +60°C ( 0.01°C steps ) / -22°F to +140°F ( 0.01°F steps ) Pressure input range 500hPa to 1,400hPa ( 1hPa steps ), 375mmHg to 1,050mmHg ( 1mmHg steps ),14.8inchHg to 41.3inchHg ( 0.1inchHg steps ) ppm input range -499ppm to +499ppm ( 1ppm steps ) Humidity input range 0% to 100% ( 1% steps ) Prism constant correction -99 mm to +99 mm (1 mm steps) Refraction & earth-curvature correction ON ( K=0.14 / K=0.20 ) / OFF, selectable Audio target acquisition Display and audio ; ON / OFF, selectable Automatic light intensity control Provided13


SET1010 / 2010 SET3010 SET4010Computer and data transferCPU V25 ( 10MHz ) MS-DOS compatibleOperating system 640KB 128KBRAM 1MB FLASHROM 512KBSystem ROM 512KB SRAM, Data memory capacity : Approx. 5000 points** (or approx. 4400 points***) SDC5 ( 128KB ) : SRAM, Memory capacity approx. 2000 points** (or approx. 1200 points***)ROMDISK ( for application software ) SDC6 ( 256KB ), SDC8 ( 512KB ) are optionally available. Data transfer : Non-contact magnetic coupling systemRAMDISK Water resistance : protected against splashing water as defined by Japanese Industrial Standard Class IPX4 in compliance with International Electrotechnical Commission Standard Class IPX4Data storage Internal Memory Provided Asynchronous serial, RS-232C compatible, Centronics compatible ( w / optional DOC46 Printer cable ) Memory card Baud rate : 38,400 / 19,200 / 9,600 / 4,800 / 2,400 / 1,200bps Data bits : 7 / 8, Parity : Not set / Odd / Even, Stop bit 1 / 2 selectableCalendar, clock functionInterfaceGeneral Alphanumeric / graphic dot matrix LCD ( 120 x 64 dots, 20 characters x 8 lines ) on each faceDisplay unit Backlight, Non-reflective glass, providedKeyboard 43 latex keys on each face ( alphanumeric, cursor, edit, power, softkey function, illumination )Self-diagnostic functionSensitivity of levels Automatic, Messages / Codes displayedOptical plummet Plate level 20\" / 2 mm 30\" / 2 mmClamps / Fine motion screws Circular level ( in tribrach )Standing axis 10’ / 2mmOperating temperature H&VWater resistance Image: Erect, Magnification: 3x, Minimum focus: 0.5 m (1.64 ft.) Co-axial, Fine/Coarse two-speed motion Single -20 ºC to +50 ºC ( -4 ºF to +122 ºF ) Protected against falling water drops as defined by Japanese Industrial Standard Class IPX2 in compliance with International Electrotechnical Commission Standard Class IPX2Tilting / Trunnion axis height 236mm ( 9.3in. ) from tribrach bottom, 193mm ( 7.6in. ) from tribrach dish.Size with handle and BDC35 batteryWeight with handle, battery and memory card W188 x D165 x H345 mm (W7.4 x D6.5 x H13.6 in.)Weight of partsPower supply 5.4 kg (11.9 lbs.)Operating voltageBattery level display BDC35 battery : 240g ( 8.5oz ), handle : 100g ( 3.5oz ), tribrach : 700g ( 1.5lbs ), carrying case : 3.7kg ( 8.2lbs )Automatic power cut-offResume function 6V DCBDC35 Rechargeable Battery 4 steps with warning message Automatic cut-off 30 minutes after operation, ON / OFF selectable Continuous use at 25ºC ( 77 ºF ) ON / OFF selectable ( backed up for about 1 week ) per battery Ni-MH rechargeable battery, 2 pcs. supplied. Angle & distance measurement: Approx. 4.5 hours (Approx. 500 points)BDC12 Large External Charging time per battery ( Fine & single measurement, measurement interval : 30 seconds )Rechargeable Battery ( option ) Continuous use at 25ºC ( 77 ºF ) Angle measurement only : Approx. 7 hours per battery Approx. 70 minutes with CDC39, CDC40 or CDC48 Angle & distance mode : Approx. 14 hours ( Approx. 1,600 points ) Charging time per battery (Fine/single measurement, measurement interval: 30 seconds) Angle measurement only: Approx. 23 hours Approx. 15 hours with optional CDC14 series charger * When the beam’s incident angle is within ±30 º up and down / right and left in relation to the surface of the target.** When using four-digit numeric point names. *** When using fourteen-digit alphanumeric point names (SDR33 format) . Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. Specifications not listed under specific instruments are identical to those appearing to the left. MS-DOS & Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. The SET1010 is made only on order. Please inquire about lead times when ordering.q Standard Configuration q q Accessories (optional) qThe POWERSET Series comes with :a tribrach, two rechargeable batteries BDC35, a quick chargerCDC39/40/48,memory card SDC5 ( 128KB ),RS-232C cable DOC27, tubular compass CP7,sunshade,lens cap, plumb bob, vinyl cover, tool kit,basic operating manual,POWERSET SDR software reference manual, application software menu list,carrying case and shoulderstrap.q Expert Software (optional) qDiskette Box containing: q POWERSET SDR Version 4.2 - Expert (3.5\" floppy disk x 1), q COMMS Software (3.5\" floppy disk x 2), COMMS Reference Manual, Document Envelope Diagonal Eyepiece Solar Filter (flip-up type) Back Pack SC153 14 DE17A OF3A

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